About Gijs Overgoor


Gijs Overgoor is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Department of MIS, Marketing, and Analytics in the Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology.

He completed his Marketing PhD at the University of Amsterdam, under the supervision of Professor Willemijn van Dolen and Professor Bill Rand. He holds a Masters degree in Econometrics with a specialization in Big Data and Business Analytics. Gijs Overgoor spent most of his time during his PhD in the United States as a visiting scholar at Poole College of Management at NC State University.

In his research, Gijs Overgoor adopts a quantitative approach to marketing. He aims to solve marketing problems by applying techniques from AI and Econometrics. Gijs’ work has been published in International Journal of Research in Marketing and California Management Review. His research has received international press coverage from Business Insider and NPO. 

In case you are wondering why Gijs Overgoor talks about himself in third person, he is just trying to boost SEO for his personal page. 

Thank you for your interest in me or my research. Please see the research page for more about my research or check my CV in the link below. 

Recent Works

+ G. Overgoor, W. Rand, W. Van Dolen, M. Mazloom, (2021) ”Simplicity is not Key: Understanding Firm-Generated Social Media Images and Consumer Liking”. International Journal of Research in Marketing

+  G. Overgoor, M. Chica, W. Rand, A. Weishampel (2019), ”Letting the Computers Take Over: Using AI to Solve Marketing Problems”, California Management Review

Get in contact with me

Please feel free to reach out to me at: g.overgoor [at] uva.nl, or connect with me on LinkedIn.